WS 16/17

During the design process, landscape architects have to consider more and more user groups. These user groups include young people and their needs for sporting activities. Sports are becoming increasingly established that are not only practiced in classic sports facilities, such as sports halls. In this context, the available space in the public open space is used. In addition to movement in sport, in some cases it is also about expressing an attitude towards life. A particularly striking example is the trendy sport of skateboarding. More and more teenagers and young adults are practicing this sport. The increasing number of active skateboarders leads to new demands on the public open space. The challenge in landscape architecture is to face this new spatial planning task.

In the present work, this challenge is faced and tested using the example of the Peine skate park. Taking into account a spatial analysis as well as the results of various participation formats, a new concept with design approaches is being developed. This suggestion can serve as a basis for further planning processes.

MentorProf. Dipl. Ing. Katja Benfer,
Dr. Ing. Klaus Habermann-Nieße
Author/sLina Reulecke
CategoriesThesis, City Square