WS 19/20

Motorised private transport takes up more than 5% of the space in Germany. According to the Federal Environment Agency, 38% of nitrogen emissions in 2019 were caused by motorised private transport. Accordingly, climate change and post-consolidation place special demands on urban areas. The study concentrates on areas occupied by stationary traffic as an example.

A concept is proposed that combines underground car parks and areas for public use. Underground car parks offer protection from the cold in winter. In summer, they allow cool rooms through rain retention, evaporation and evaporation.

Using the Goetheplatz underground car park in Frankfurt as an example, a possible opening of the building in three variants is examined. Inside the building an artificial landscape is designed. Over three floors a water circuit is planned, which supplies pools and plant beds with water as needed. Openings are planned in the square area to let wind, sunlight and rain into the building.

Author/sSina Zenke
CategoriesModul, Project, City Square, Design