SS 14

Design processes serve to develop artistic spatial configurations and to verify their potential regarding varying quality requirements. They consist of phases of generating variety, evaluation and selection. The creative part of designing is made up of the illustration and translation of different approaches into distinct artefacts like drawings and models. The analytic-discursive part comprises the comparison, the interpretation, the naming and the assessment of these artefacts. Accordingly, various techniques of work and representation are to be used and combined. Their usage is connected to specific possibilities and constraints; each of which are to be deliberately reflected and considered in respect of their respective influence on the design process.

The project aims to teach different work techniques and methods of representation on the basis of an impromptu design. Drawing, analogue model building and DTP, 2D and 3D applications will be imparted and practised.

The curriculum will be complemented by theoretical inputs on representational methodology. Additionally, a field trip to Berlin and a talk series with alumni for reflexion of the entry phase into university and professional are integrated into the semester program.

Author/sMilan von Moeller
PhaseFinal Submission
LocationCuvry Brache Berlin
CategoriesProject, Park