SS 17

In many ways, the city of Basel is an interesting example of how cities can be reintroduced to their town-centre waters. Like many other cities, Basel has placed the Rhine as a recreational area and the city’s identity in the focus of urban development. The continuous urban growth leads to a high density and thus to a demand for high-quality public open space.

The open space St. Johann plays an important role in Basel’s urban structure and is divided into three major parts that need to be redesigned and reconnected to the Rhine.

This bachelor thesis aims to provide a structural design for St. Johann, a space characterised by its riverside and inner-city location. In order to enhance Basel’s image and location of the town on the river Rhine, the connection to its waterfront has to be strengthened.

The concept and the design will mainly focus on the different character of each individual area as well as an improvement of the current bank situation. The transformation addresses the specific requirements of all user groups and reinforces each area’s characters.

Author/sMiriam Müller
CategoriesWaterfront, Thesis