WS 19/20

The design focuses on the topics of rainwater management and cooling. A water image is proposed as an experience area, whose shape adapts to the weather conditions. Water flows over floor nozzles in a slight gradient over the square. It is collected along the opposite edge of the square. Over the surface interesting drying patterns result, which are influenced by weather conditions and time.

The two sides of the square differ in terms of sunshine disposition. The south-eastern side is additionally bordered by a grove of trees. An elongated bench made of light concrete borders the water edge. On the opposite, more shaded side of the square there are freely placed seats. Depending on the water level, the interplay of trees and water surfaces also changes.

The rainwater is filtered on the green side, collected in a cistern and, if necessary, directed to the nozzles. Alternatively it can also be used for irrigation. Overall, the square retains its open character. Depending on how the space is used, the nozzles can also be turned off.

Author/sSophie Wolters
CategoriesModul, Waterfront, Project, City Square